Kind Space offers several services for free or sliding scale to community members.

Be Kind to Your Mind - short-term, individual therapy

Welcome to “Be Kind to Your Mind” short-term, individual therapy. This program is generously funded through the “Mental Health & Wellbeing” grant from the Canadian Red Cross and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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Community Resource Referrals

n the 80s and 90s Kind Space, then Pink Triangle Services, asked community members to submit their recommendations of service providers or community spaces that were gay-friendly. We know there are many service providers, organizations, and businesses in the National Capital Region that are 2SLGBTQ+-affirming and liberation-minded then we could possibly collect as a single organization.

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Events & Outreach

Kind Space is available to attend community events, forums, festivals, or other community gathering activities. 

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Dr. Kelly McGinnis Community Library

The oldest of its kind in Canada, Kind Space is fiercely proud to house this “more than fabulous” resource centre. Our library was named in 2002 in honour of Dr. Kelly McGinnis, an active member of the Ottawa-Carleton HIV Primary Care Group, and renowned in the queer community for his help during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and early 1990s. You can learn more about Dr. McGinnis here.

Dr. McGinnis had a steadfast commitment to the queer community and to Kind Space (formerly Pink Triangle Services). For that, we will always honour him.

You can view our catalogue of books here.

Space Rentals

Kind Space offers several meeting rooms which can accommodate small or large groups of people for varying types of events or activities. 

Rentals are offered at an affordable fee for one-time or recurring events.

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The Pantry

The Pantry is a supplemental food bank and snack bar aimed towards countering food insecurity in the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community.

The pantry accepts physical donations of non and semi-perishable items that can be kept in a pantry.

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Trans ID Clinic

The Trans ID Clinic returns in November 2022 to March 2023. 

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Support Funds

The Community Care Fund is about community caring for each other. There are many ways people can do this, including giving money, resources, and supplies directly to their friends and family – and we encourage everyone to reach out to your circles and support those people first. 

For those whose circles are taken care of or not in need of anything additional support but want to support other people in our communities they are not connected to, that is where the Care Fund comes in!

The Community Care Fund is about connecting community members with tangible resources they need.

Right now the fund is small, but as more people give, the more community members we can resource and support.

The Paid Sick Day Fund is an ongoing fundraising project that offers a one-time paid sick day of $160 for an LGBTQ+ newcomer, immigrant worker to stay home, rest and get well.

Workers should not have to choose between putting food on the table or having a roof over their head and risking their health and lives at their workplace.

This fund is not a solution to a structural problem.