Are you interested in volunteering with Kind Space and becoming a Community Care Bear? Check out the available positions, volunteer application, and the application process.

Volunteer Application Process

For some volunteer positions there may be no selection process or shortlisted candidates, this will be indicated on the application or registration form. Kind Space shortlists candidates primarily for positions that have limited slots available and/or special qualifications Kind Space may be looking for. 

Application Phase
  • Normally, our application phase takes place through November – January for Core Volunteer Positions.
  • During this time, we will check in with current volunteers and their capacity and recruit for new volunteers as needed. 
  • We may hold on to submitted applications for up to 6 months, in-case there are shifts in capacity.
    • An application may also be permanently deleted upon request in a 24 hour period.
Selection Phase
  • For those who are applying for a volunteer role for the first time, there will normally be a selection process where applications will be shortlisted.
  • We will hold interviews with those selected from our shortlist based on the application, and usually takes place in February or March
  • For applicants who are shortlisted, a representative of Kind Space will reach-out to you to schedule an interview. You will be sent some questions ahead of time, in preparation of your interview.
Onboarding Phase
  • You will have a follow-up interview upon successful application to a volunteer role, to discuss access needs, scheduling and dream mapping.
  • During onboarding you will be asked to either attend in-person or online training relevant to your position. 
  • There may be additional training that takes place during the year or applicable to your position, you will be updated on those training when they are relevant or available.

These internal trainings could include:

  • General Kind Space Orientation
    • Anti-Racism 
    • Conflict and Communication
    • Gender & Sexuality
    • Navigating Spirituality
    • Other General Training
  • Emergency and Incident Management Training
  • Clients-in-Crisis Training
  • Health and Safety
  • These external training could include
    • Naloxone 
    • First Aid, AED, & CPR Training
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • Mediation

Available Volunteer Positions

Please note that if the application form is closed then we are not currently accepting volunteers and volunteer applications.

Events & Outreach Assistant

This position focuses on outreach and engagement with Kind Space service users, members and the general public and supports the mechanics of events and functions both at Kind Space and other venues.

Read the full description here

Communications Assistant

This position provides support to the 2SLGBTQ+ community through communication, promotion and content development for programming and services in person and primarily online.

Read full description here

Library & Archival Assistant

This position provides and facilitates 2SLGBTQ+ book or zine resources to community members in Ottawa, and to provide support to the Dr. Kelly McGinnis Library at Kind Space.

Read full description here

Program Support Assistant

This common position provides support for peer-facilitators and other programs at Kind Space that need an extra hand and support with logistics, and overall quality of life support.

Read full description here