Out of The Closet

This is a free clothing program available to community members and can be accessed during drop-in and program hours. All clothes displayed in the clothing closets have been cleaned by Kind Space.

Taking Items
  • You can take any clothes that are in the white closets, located in the A/V room.
  • There are reusable bags located on top of the cabinets which you can take to transport your new threads.
  • You may take any clothing you like, however, please be conscious of taking clothing meant for larger bodies for “oversized” looks. Good quality, affordable/free clothing is difficult to come by for individuals with larger bodies.

Note of caution: There are donated items that will either be in large blue bins or in bags. While some of these items may have been washed, they have not been washed by Kind Space. You may take them but at your own risk.

Before Donating
  • Before donating, please ask yourself
    • Would I wear these clothes in the next three months and not be too hot or too cold? Is this appropriate for the season?”
    • “Would I feel good/comfortable/happy receiving this item in its current state?”
  • Ensure items have been recently washed
  • There are no stains or discolourations
  • There are no tears or holes
  • There are no broken zippers or missing buttons
  • Ensure items are not heavily pilled
  • Separate clothing by season, size, or style, especially if making a large donation of clothing
  • Donated in plastic or non-fabric reusable bags
Donation Drop-off
  • Email or call Kind Space before dropping off clothing/items
  • When making the drop-off please bring the items to the main office
Items NOT Accepted
  • Items that have not been washed/cleaned
  • Used bedding and towels 
  • Used underwear, gaffs, menstruation briefs/underwear, bathing suits
  • Used socks