Drop-in Groups

Drop-in groups are peer-led (for 2SLGBTQ+ people, by 2SLGBTQ+ people) programs that are hosted online and/or in-person. Below is a list of our current groups and how to attend or RSVP.

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Kind Space is currently operating on our regular schedule.

Participant Focus Groups

Kind Space is in the process of creating its next Strategic Plan for what we should prioritize and focus on over the next 3-5 years to make sure that we are responsive to the changing needs of our communities.

If you are 2SLGBTQIA+ individual that has accessed programming or services at Kind Space in the last two years, you are invited to join us at one of the focus groups below:

  • Monday, November 28, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm (Open to any program participants or clients)
  • Monday, December 5, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (Open to program participants/clients who are trans, non-binary, gender diverse and/or Two-Spirit)
  • Monday, December 5, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm (Open to program participants/clients who are Black, Indigenous and/or People of Colour)
  • Thursday, December 8, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Open to program participants/clients who are a person with a disability)

Each focus group participant will have the option to receive a $20 gift card of their choice.

20 Something Group

The 20 Something Meet-Up, is a blend of drop in and discussion based group. Come and Meet other 2SLGBTQIA folks who are navigating their queerness in their twenties every month on the second Tuesday. Join our Facilitator and others being in there twenties still figuring this interesting world out.

In-person dates (2nd Tuesday):

Time: 7-9pm

30ish Group

You have probably heard of the 20 Something Group before, and wondered “is there an other age adult based program at kind?”. Well now we are announcing the 30-ish Group, and this is a blend of a drop in and discussion based group. This is open to all 2SLGBTQIA+ people in their thirties! Join our Facilitator Paige and Meghan monthly on the third Tuesday for a night of snacks, discussions and games.


Time: 7-9pm

Ace/Aro Space

Join us for thoughtful discussions and recreational activities centring Ace/Aro folks in the Ottawa Community every 3rd Saturday of each month at 2PM! This in-person group is open to anyone who identifies under the asexual or aromantic umbrellas (including grey, demi, quoi, alloaro, etc). So even if you are new to the community, or have been waiting to meet and chill with other Ace/Aro folks for a while, this space is open for you. Each month we will have a loose theme or event to bring us together, so stay tuned to social media! This group is for those ages 18+.


Time: 2-4pm

BIPOCalypse Now!

BIPOCALYPSE Now! is a closed film discussion group that is open to all those who are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in Ottawa. Join Kado and Jade explore and discuss new and older films with psycological, physical and intellectual horror and thrillers that are directed by and/or starring people of colour. We decompress with refreshments and share thoughts, post reflections and conversations on tropes, colonialism, and other themes.

Date: 3rd Thursday of the month

Time: 6-8(ish)pm

Black Joy Wednesday: Tea Talk

Black Joy Wednesday is a closed space for black diasporic peoples centering gender and sexually diverse folks in Ottawa. This group is based on Black Joy Sunday, a tradition of joy built from Black diasporic communities in North America. Come join us for tea and snacks as we play board games, consume media or memes, and discuss themes important to our communities.

Date: 3rd Wednesday of the month

Time: 6-8pm

Cafe Q

Every Friday, a diverse and dynamic group of youth (13-19) would meet at Kind Space for an evening of low-pressure hanging out. During the Pandemic we have been on our Kind Space Youth Discord Server. Care, support and harm reduction are a key practice at Café Q. Join other youth for game nights, events or to check in with friends and mentors. 

Date: Fridays

Time: 6-9pm



GenderQuest is a support and social group for trans, non-binary, gender diverse and two-spirit adults. This is a diverse, peer-led social group for those at any stage of transition: come share, learn, and socialize in a safer space. All trans, two-spirit, and gender-diverse people are welcome to attend. Join Taryn and others who are on their gender quest!


Time: 7-9pm

Kind Space Youth - Discord

At the beginning of the pandemic, the youth at Kind Space made the decision to stay as connected as possible and asked that a Discord server to be created. Since then the server has grown to over 120+ members between 13-25. 

The server is an adult moderated space by long-time volunteers and board members of the organization. 

To learn more about the server and to get an invite to join you can contact Jo at jo@kindspace.ca or Jade at jade@kindspace.ca. 


Queer Amore aims to create a comfortable space to gather and talk about issues related to being bisexual, pansexual, bi-curious and questioning. Queer Amore with Ben and Tova, takes a fresh look at exploring and enjoying your sexuality. Previously known as BiAmore, this group strives to be a safe space for those who are processing their identity or want to meet others who are on their journey.


Time: 7-9pm

Queering Faith

Queering Faith is a discussion group for diverse queer people who experience a variety of different faiths. This group is also those in the process of reclaiming, resettling or repairing from faith, while being proudly queer or 2SLGBTQIA+. This group works to dismantle religious based harm; pursue intersectional justice; celebrate all queer people who experience faith and spirituality; and be a gentle sharing space in your independent journey!

Date: 2nd Sunday (in-person): queeringfaith@kindspace.ca to register

Time: 4-7pm


Polybilities is an open forum for exploring relationship dynamics beyond the standard societal norms (i.e., monogamy). The Pandemic has changed the way the community engages in life, love and relationships during this time. Join Christiane and Anona as we come together to share our stories, experiences, strategies and healthy relationships during a pandemic and beyond. This space will be centring 2SLGBTQIA+ Folks, but is to all polyamous folks.

Date: Last Thursday of the month – Attend/RSVP

Time: 7-9pm

Community Guidelines

Kind Space is an intersectional space and acknowledges that being oppressed in one way does not absolve us of being oppressors in other ways. Hierarchies in our communities exist and must actively and continually be challenged.

Note: This list was augmented  to include virtual meetings and spaces.

Do this all (or most of) the time

  • Introduce yourself to new people you meet 
    • If you feel comfortable you can introduce yourself with your name and pronoun 
  • Ask people if it is OK before making physical contact, especially if you do not know them
  • Use the name and pronoun a person gives you
  • Do not ask or question people’s gender or sexuality, especially in public spaces
  • Take ownership of your words and actions and the effect they may have on others.
  • If you are participating in a group for the first time, it is a good rule of thumb to listen and get an understanding of the dynamics and culture of the group
    • Ask clarification questions around sensitive subjects with facilitators or staff
  • Give people high fives, hugs and fist bumps if you are comfortable and the other person consents
  • Do not give out your personal contact information, especially if you are a counsellor, placement student, or doing peer support work

Do not do this all the time

  • Make assumptions about someone’s gender, sexuality, or relationship status/style
  • Touch people or enter people’s personal space without their consent (online, too!)
  • Mis-gendering someone (gender identity, expression, and perception can be tricky!), it happens, apologize, move on and do better – DO NOT DWELL OR APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY

I am not sure what you were thinking

  • Continually disrespecting people, their wishes and/or boundaries
  • Assault/abuse/harassment (sexual, physical, emotional, mental)
  • Theft from service users, volunteers, staff, or Kind Space
  • Intimidation or threats of violence against service users, volunteers, staff, or Kind Space
Meet the facilitators (external link)
Program Feedback (external link)

Education and Outreach

Training & Workshops

Kind Space offers community groups, organizations, and businesses with training and workshops by request, for a fee, subject to availability.

Kind Space is currently not taking on any workshops and trainings until summer 2022.


Kind Space is available to table at community fairs and coporate events.

Contact Carling at carling@kindspace.ca for outreach events.

Growing Resistance

Growing Resistance is a regenerative care project for communities and the environment. Access to food, clean air, and water (along with shelter) is the right of all people. We all occupy this space together and share the responsibility of taking care of the land and each other. 

Learn more here

(ARCHIVED) OUTtawa: A SafetyLabs Project

This project ended March 30, 2022 and the final report was submitted on September 30th. The project pages will be archived and remain viewable for transparency. 

You can read the final report here

You can view the workplace environmental scan here

You can view the resource guide here



OUTtawa as a program strives to outline the importance of intent vs. impactaccountability and survivor informed/centred holistic community wellness. This project hopes to cultivate a space that addresses harm and conflict, explores areas for organizational improvement and addresses shame, truth and reconciliation within a constructive non-abusive environment. 

Learn about the project here 

Meet the community partners 

Fill out the survivor survey 

Mental Wellness

Our Mental wellness programs and resources are skills-based, trauma-informed, and rooted in self-determination.

Contact Lukayo for more information – lukayo@kindspace.ca 

Community Care Booklet (workbook)

Having conversations about what kind of care you need can be tricky and sometimes difficult. With some inspirational help from a workshop by the Ten Oaks Project, we developed a Care Book!

Save a copy you can edit here! 

My Crisis Care Plan (workbook)

My Crisis Care Plan is an adopted and expanded workbook of Lindsay Braman’s worksheetMy Personal Crisis Plan“. Lindsay Braman is a Seattle-based artist, therapist, educator, and visual translator. 

We expanded the length of the worksheet, adding additional questions and Ottawa-specific resources.

You can sign-up for resources created by Lindsay here.

You can download a copy of our adapted workbook here.

THRIVE: Trauma Education & Empowerment

A trauma education program for 2SLGBTQ+ people focusing on building skills while offering support in a closed group environment led by a facilitator (or multiple facilitators) who can go through the exercises and have lived experience. A Kind Space program would specifically focus on experiences of gender and sexuality, and how they intersect with trauma.