Welcome to the Kind Space accessibility page. 

One of our values as an organization is our commitment to accessibility. We strive to be as barrier-free as possible so that as many people can find connection and community through Kind and to be honest and open about our limitations as an organization. The information on this page will be updated periodically as circumstances change and/or to correct information.

If there is anything missing from this page or you have more questions about something specific, please contact 

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  • Attending groups are free.
  • Accessing services are free.
  • Attending events are free or sliding-scale, with pay-it-forward options for community members. If there is a cost it will be clearly indicated on the promotional material.
Physical Space
  • 400 Cooper Building
    • Entrance to the building is accessible from the sidewalk which is level with the main doors. Curb cuts are located on the corner of Cooper and Bank and in front of 420 Cooper (CCHC) which is connected to 400 Cooper.
    • Automatic doors at the main entrance, easily accessed before 6pm on weekdays. Support may be required after 6pm or weekends due to the security settings of the building.
    • Mix of carpet and tiled flooring on the main floor and in the elevators
    • Low pile carpet on the 9th floor
    • 3 large elevators
  • Washrooms
    • Gendered, stalled washrooms and an accessible, all gender washroom that is shared with other building tenants
    • Washrooms to do not feature child or adult changing stations
  • Kind Space centre (suite 9001)
    • Open concept space. Open kitchen, lounge, and library. Two meeting rooms. A small counselling/quiet room. 2 staff offices.
    • Kitchen space with full fridge, microwave, and dishwasher.
    • Hardwood floors, 2 area rugs in main seating areas
    • Automatic door, activated by a button
    • There is various types of seating available – cushioned, metal framed chairs, fabric couches, fabric arm chairs, kitchen stools, a wooden bench
  • Accessible by public transit – OC Transpo lines 6, 7, & 11
  • Street parking available in front of the building, paid before 5:30pm on weekends, free after 5:30pm and on weekends
  • Kind Space currently does not have bus tickets/passes available. In certain circumstances we can Uber individuals to ensure their safe arrival to their destination
Scent (including allergens)
  • Low scent space – please keep strong scents (perfumes, colognes, soaps) to a minimum
  • Dogs are welcome in the space but they must be well trained and not reactive to humans and other dogs otherwise you may be asked to leave
  • NO cats (although we love them!)
  • This location is NOT guaranteed peanut/nut free
  • Service animals may be present at Kind Space
  • Large windows with natural light
  • Fluorescent overhead lighting
  • During the day their is low to moderate sound, during the evening there is increased sounds which could including music and laughter depending on the type of evening activity
  • Kind Space is located on the 9th floor which is shared with other organizations and at times sound from their offices may be audible inside ours
Virtual/Remote Access
  • Available by request for certain events/meetings/groups. If virtual access is possible it will be clearly indicated on the promotional material.
COVID & Airborne Illnesses
  • There are 3 HEPA air purifiers, a large purifier in the main room and 2 smaller purifiers in the meeting rooms, that run during programming
  • There are 60+ plants that help filter the air
  • Masking is encouraged and masks are available at the front entrance
  • Individuals that are not feeling well, for any reason, are encouraged to stay home as a precautionary measure
  • COVID rapid testing kits are available 
  • The building regularly circulates air from outside throughout the building
  • Windows do not open
  • Currently, Kind Space is primarily english-speaking, but has several volunteers that speak various languages.
Translation & Interpretation
  • Most of our resource material is available in english. 
  • We are also looking for volunteer and contract translators (written and oral). We’re looking to build our resource of people who can offer interpretation services on a voluntary or contract basis. Please email