Growing Resistance

Growing Resistance is a regenerative care project for communities and the environment. Access to food, clean air, and water (along with shelter) is the right of all people. We all occupy this space together and share the responsibility of taking care of the land and each other. 

We commit to doing this by;

  1. Building partnerships with other food and plant programs in the City
  2. Collaborating with community members and neighbourhoods to convert their green spaces into food and plant gardens using up-cycled and repurposed materials

Growing Resistance is facilitated by Carling Miller and will soon be recruiting for volunteers!

Next watch party in:








Topic: Spring planning!

Date: Saturday, February 20

Time: 2:30pm

During the fall and winter we’ll watch Masterclasses, skill-shares, documentaries with break out discussions to talk about our relationship to land, food, and each other on Zoom. This is the first phase of a new program. In 2021 we’ll begin planning our gardens and getting ready to plant stuff!