Co-create Kindness

We do better when we’re together.

Social isolation and rejection can have deadly consequences. When 2SLGBTQ+ people are disconnected from caring communities, peers, and spaces our well-being and mental health suffer. And that suffering is compounded by other aspects of our identities or experiences.

This is why we are here.

Kind Space (then Pink Triangle Services) was created to provide a place of rest, care, connection, and education. We are the only community space in Ottawa that provides space and programming for communities across the 2SLGBTQ+ galaxy of all ages, all year-long.

Charitable Registration Number

11909 3995 RR0001

Fundraising for Kind Space?

Furniture or indoor plants to donate?

Let us know! Email Carling at

Support Funds

General Fund description

The general fund allows us to do what we do and to do things independently from any government and corporate funding. The more dollars we receive from community the more flexible we can be with what programming we offer and how we offer it.

The general fund is also important because this pays for all of our essential, core, operational expenses. We need a physical space, we need staff, we need access to technologies, we need money for the general programs. All of those things are paid through our general fund.

Community Care Fund description

The Community Care Fund is about community caring for each other. There are many ways people can do this, including giving money, resources, and supplies directly to their friends and family – and we encourage everyone to reach out to your circles and support those people first. 

For those whose circles are taken care of or not in need of anything additional support but want to support other people in our communities they are not connected to, that is where the Community Care Fund comes in!

The Community Care Fund is about connecting community members with tangible resources they need.

Right now the fund is small, but as more people give, the more community members we can resource and support.

Paid Sick Day Fund description

This ongoing fundraiser project offers a one-time paid sick day  of $160 for an LGBTQ+ newcomer, immigrant worker to stay home, rest and get well.

Workers should not have to choose between putting food on the table or having a roof over their head and risking their health and lives at their workplace.

This fund is not a solution to a structural problem.