Board of Directors

As a small organization, our board of directors often plays an active role in the organization. In practice, this looks like helping with policies and procedures, fundraising, outreach, grant applications and so much more. We are looking for keen and experienced board members to help our organization flourish, and continue our mission of supporting 2SLGBTQ+ communities. 

We acknowledge that, due to systemic oppression, many individuals may question if they have sufficient qualifications, experience, or expertise to join a board of directors. Our commitment as a board is to create a supportive learning environment that enables each of us to bring our whole selves into the work. We acknowledge that individuals have different kinds and degrees of experience, and we welcome applications from any individual interested in growing their skills and supporting the work of Kind Space. 

Who we’re looking for

Kind Space welcomes applications from anyone and everyone interested in supporting 2SLGBTQ+ communities. However, because we center and value diverse representation on our Board, we are particularly encouraging applications from individuals who are:

  • Black and/or Indigenous and/or people of colour
  • Those whose first language is not english
  • Over the age of 30, especially those 50+
  • 2SLGBTQ+ Parents with young people
  • People with disabilities, including those with chronic illnesses
  • Current or former sex workers

Additionally, we encourage applications from individuals from under-represented groups. For example, current or formerly street-involved individuals or individuals without stable housing

Furthermore, we are looking for individuals who either have experience in or are interested in building their experience in, the following: 

  • Anti-racism, anti-ableism, anti-oppression
  • Harm reduction
  • Worker and employee rights
  • Community organizing
  • Program development
  • Donor-based fundraising
  • Grant writing
  • Social media management
  • Public and media relations
  • Nonprofit, charitable, or labour-related legal issues
How we work together and care for each other
  • Remembering our individual and collective humanity, goodness, creativity, and brilliance
  • Responsible to each other, the staff, and membership to be communicative, cooperative, and on time for meetings and committees. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that things go well.
  • Learn and practice how to listen to each other and community members with relaxed, compassionate attention 
  • Understanding that, as much as we can, we act on our best thinking while simultaneously making space for feelings, disagreements, and conflict. We recognize that emotions and feelings are an important part of any decision making processes. We strive to create space for feelings to be felt and witnessed.
What our board does and what we are responsible for
  • Responsible for the Executive Director, who is in turn responsible for staff management and everyday organizational operations
  • High-level financial decisions and controls that affect the organization. For example – setting the yearly budget and reviewing when necessary
  • Approving any purchases or contracts above $5,000. For example – lease agreements for office space or equipment
  • The board of directors is ultimately responsible for ensuring organizational compliance with provincial and federal non-profit and charitable regulations
Anticipated Time Commitment
  • The ongoing commitment expected of board members includes attending board meetings and reviewing key documents in advance of said meetings. We anticipate a monthly commitment of 3-5 hours for core board-related activities. 
  • The Kind Space board of directors strives to be as accessible and flexible as possible. There are numerous additional roles that board members can take on, but these are optional and flexible commitments.
Current Directors