Healing Resources

This page contains resources for self and community care. Whether you are looking for tools to help others or strategies for your own healing, there are many ways to preserve our boundaries and provide support. The more we attend to our own self-care, the more we can build and sustain our communities of care.

Supports at Kind

Care Books

Care books are like instruction manuals for self-care. You can use a care book to record notes for future reference in times of crisis. Your notes might include methods for recognising when you are feeling down, what you can do when you are trapped in harmful behaviours, and what others can do to help you when you can’t help yourself.

Supports in the City

Massage Therapy

with Luka Roderique, RMT

Luka is a non-binary Registered Massage Therapist and recent graduate from Algonquin College. They grew up in the rural outskirts of Ottawa with gardeners as parents, learning the values of holistic thinking, curiosity and a steady set of hands.

Luka is most passionate about supporting struggles with mental health, chronic pain and stigma in any form. They strive for their practice to be body positive, trauma informed, accessible, and respect the diverse needs of different cultures, spiritualities and groups, including those within their own transgender community. Beyond that, they have a love for exploring orthopedic mysteries or any complex somatic challenges.

Luka invests highly in their own continued learning and innovative approaches, as well as in empowering and supporting their clients to advocate for their own processes and needs, meeting people wherever they are at.

Luka runs an independent practice and rents space from Kind. It is preferred that appointments are booked a week in advance.

*For any other information you can contact Luka at luka@kindspace.ca.

*After booking online, an intake form will be sent to you. One of the questions asks for your sex, please put whatever answer you are comfortable with.