Peer Groups

Kind offers a variety of discussion/support groups which are peer developed and led. If there is a group which you wish to see but currently isn’t being offered, let us know!

∞ Polybilities (4th Monday @ 7pm)

This is an open forum for exploring relationship dynamics beyond the standard societal norms (i.e., monogamy). Whether experienced, exploring, questioning or supporting, this group welcomes anyone willing to look at relationships “outside the box.” We discuss various options regarding sexual, emotional, romantic, and legal connections.

20 Something Meetup (4th Tuesday @ 7pm)

This is a gathering open to all 2SLGBTQ+ people between 20 – 29 looking to connect, chat, meet new people, make friends, and create community outside of bars and off campus. Future events will sometimes be at Kind and sometimes be in different parts of the city!

Bloom (monthly, 6pm)

*Note: The date for this group changes depending on availability of space*

Bloom is a support and drop in young adult space for Queer and Trans folks ages 18-35, that focuses on holding space that is intentional. Bloom is dedicated to creating a safe environment to carrying potentially triggering conversations around trauma, violence, harm and resilience. Being a queer young adult isn’t easy, either it be finding housing, to employment, to intersectional complexities like race and class, this space is based around your agency and our collective responsibility in the activation and maintenance of creating a safer space through anti-oppression practices.

CafeQ (Fridays @ 7pm)

Every Friday, between 7 and 11 pm, a diverse and dynamic group of youth meet at Kind for an evening of low-pressure hanging out. We supply snacks, coffee, and tea; participants enjoy them during board games, video games, and lounging on couches.

GenderQuest (2nd Monday @ 7pm)

This is a diverse, peer-led social group for those at any stage of transition: come share, learn, and socialize in a safe space. All trans, two-spirit, and gender-diverse people are welcome to attend.

QTY - Queer Trans Youth (Wednesdays @ 7pm)

Queer Trans Youth is a peer-led discussion and support group for 2SLGBTQ+ youth, ages 25 and under, in Ottawa. It’s Canada’s longest running group for 2SLGBTQ+ youth and by 2SLGBTQ+ youth: a safe space for young people to come for discussions, understanding, support, and most importantly, fun.

QueerAmore (1st Thursday and 3rd Monday @ 7pm)

QueerAmore aims to create a comfortable space to gather and talk about issues related to being bisexual, pansexual, bi-curious and questioning. QueerAmore takes a fresh look at the challenges, rewards and temptations of exploring and enjoying your sexuality.