Dr. Kelly McGinnis Library

Currently the library is closed, along with Kind Space, because of COVID-19. The library will re-open when it is safe.

The oldest of its kind in Canada, Kind Space is fiercely proud to house this “more than fabulous” resource centre. Our library was named in 2002 in honour of Dr. Kelly McGinnis, an active member of the Ottawa-Carleton HIV Primary Care Group, and renowned in the queer community for his help during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and early 1990s. Dr. McGinnis had a steadfast commitment to the queer community and to Kind Space. For that, we will always honour him.

Library Wishlist

We gratefully accept donations of books or materials published within the last 10 years that deal with:

  • intimate partner violence
  • queerness and disability
  • queer parenting
  • trans and non-gender binary
  • sexual health
  • polyamory and non-monogamy
  • intersexuality
  • bisexuality and pansexuality
  • asexuality
  • kink & BDSM

We receive many book donations each month, which are much appreciated but sometimes difficult to through. Please limit your donations to 10 books or fewer, and consider donating additional resources to a local charity or library book sales.