Rainbow Service Providers Network


Founded in 2002, we envision a safe community with equal access to all services for all members of the LGBTQ+ community, including children, youth, and families.


  • We are a network of LGBTQ+ community agencies who support the development of fellow agencies, schools, families, and communities that are safe and inclusive, and celebrate diversity and equity.
  • We exist to facilitate the sharing of information and resources between LGBTQ+ agencies.
  • Our network serves as a hub of communication between LGBTQ+ agencies and collaboration in advocating on behalf of common causes.
  • We strive to work collaboratively to support each other in responding to systemic barriers including heterosexism, cissexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in the lives of Ottawa area communities.
  • The focus of our discussions is to address systemic barriers with the goal of promoting personal, interpersonal, organizational, and societal change.


  • Our membership is made up of diverse agencies (including organizations, businesses, charities, school boards, and community groups) that serve and advocate for LGBTQ+ communities, including children, youth, and families. 
  • This includes agencies that deliver LGBTQ+ specific programs and services, as well those that are interested in building LGBTQ+ cultural competence, social inclusion, and anti-oppressive practices. 
  • Each agency is represented by an individual selected by the agency to be a part of the network email list and attend the monthly meetings.
  • Our network is facilitated by two co-chairs, elected for a two-year term.


Our network aims to create a forum for:

  • Communicating agency activity and information
  • Co-ordinating services between agencies
  • Collaborating on joint projects
  • Organizing mutual support and training opportunities
  • Identifying gaps and duplications in services
  • Sharing of new funding opportunities and resources


  • We embrace diversity and equity
  • We value respect and inclusion
  • We support gender and sexual diversity
  • We believe in learning from each other
  • We value each member’s contribution 
  • We celebrate our strengths and successes
  • We view conflict as an opportunity to deepen mutual understanding
  • We maintain confidentiality

Active Members

  • Kind Space (Co-chair)
  • Ten Oaks Project (Co-chair)
  • Ottawa Carleton District School Board
  • Centretown Community Health Centre
  • Family Services à la famille Ottawa
  • Family Services Ottawa
  • Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa
  • Youth Services Bureau
  • Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity