Gray Whale




General description:

In an era so focused on speed and efficiency, The Gray Whale was created as a means to slow things down and commit to longer appointment times.  This affords us a chance to pursue our highest level of craftsmanship and service, and equally allows our clients an opportunity to experience a quality service which they deserve.

We are a small, experienced and dedicated team of professional haircutters.  We take immense pride in our work and are continually evolving in our craft.  Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with an experience whereby they can relax, enjoy a meaningful conversation (or blissful silence) and receive a service from the top professionals in the industry.

We welcome anyone and everyone into our shop with open arms, and are thankful for the opportunity to express and share our craft with the city of Ottawa.

This service is known to be welcoming to:

2SLGBTQ+ communities

Feedback from referrals:

"Awesome fades"

1098A Somerset St. W, Ottawa ON.

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