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Ongoing reading groups for settlers

“The Final Report is comprised of the truths of more than 2,380 family members, survivors of violence, experts and Knowledge Keepers shared over two years of cross-country public hearings and evidence gathering. It delivers 231 individual Calls for Justice directed at governments, institutions, social service providers, industries and all Canadians.” –

This report is a call to action for all non-Indigenous people to understand the depth, severity, and impact the violence, trauma, and genocide that has happened and continues to happen to Indigenous communities across the country.

Kind Space has committed to hosting ongoing, intentional space for people in our communities to read, process, discuss, plan, and act on the Calls for Justice together. This is a space that will encourage you to feel your feelings in order to move towards meaningful individual and collective action.

Reading groups will take place roughly every two weeks and varies days/times depending on availability of that space. It is not a requirement to attend every reading group. Each group picks up reading where the last group left off.

Facilitating this space are Carling, Sloane, and Rita.

**This event is intended for non-Indigenous people/allies to look at, process, and ultimately let go of oppressive thoughts and patterns about Indigenous people and communities.**

Upcoming dates for the reading group

Upcoming facilitation training

Thank you to everyone that participated in the facilitation training. Please check back for future trainings in the new year.

Resources for facilitation