Meet the Facilitators!

Our facilitators are the core of Kind Space.               

20 Something Group

Meg Barclay
She \ They
I am a Queer,  Early Childhood Educator who has lived in the Ottawa area my whole life. I have been attending Kind Space for about 5 years and Been Facilitating the 20 Something Group for the last 2 years.  I strive to give young adults the safe space to be their authentic selves, that we all deserve.


Jo Farrall

My name is Jo, I’ve been a board member and Cafe Q coordinator at Kind since 2016. I am an instructor and Vanier Scholar at Carleton University. I did my undergrad at UBC and my graduate work at Queen’s and Carleton. My MA was on YouTube disclosures of bullying and teen trauma. I currently study political controversies and misinformation on Twitter and how social media posts about victims of violence get used in political disputes. I’ve taught courses in free speech, communication regulation, political controversies, gender, and foundational university skills.  I have two sons. My oldest is in his first year of college at Algonquin and my youngest is in grade 9. I’ve been in the LGBTQ+ community for 30 years. Creating and maintaining safe(r) spaces for LGBTQ+ teens is incredibly important to me. 


Taryn Husband 

I am a multiply disabled white settler transmasculine advocate, educator and support giver. I’m originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, but I’ve been living in Ottawa for the most part since 2007. I currently run the GenderQuest support and social group for trans, non-binary, Two-Spirit and questioning adults and co-facilitate the CafeQ youth group.. I have been involved with Kind Space for about 6 years as a participant and 2.5 years as a facilitator. I am passionate about giving people spaces to be and explore themselves and connect with others. 


Aden Cosgrove

I am a 33-year-old Queer, Non-binary, Polyam person who is a white settler from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am differently abled and proud of it! I realized I was Polyam since I started having relationships at 14 years of age. I came out as queer at 14 years of age and I realized that creating safe spaces and community was really important to me. This is when I started building community and safe spaces. I am passionate about people and listening to their stories. This led me to my career as a social worker and I have been working in the field for 7 years. I am sex positive and work within an anti-oppression framework. I have been living in Ottawa and surrounding areas for 4+ years and I started a group, page, and discord server for polyam queer folx and I have been planning events, engaging the community, and providing resources and/or entertainment for almost two years now. I look forward to leading Polybilities into a new reality and future with Kind Space. One of my dreams in life is to eventually facilitate a Smart Recovery Group for queer folx with addictions.


Christiane H.

Hi, I am a 35 yr old cis queer black woman and mom of 1. I am originally from Ivory Coast (West Africa) and I have been living in east of Ottawa for 6 yrs now. I have been polyam for about 3 yrs now (whoa
that’s a long time). I work in finance by day, but by night I moonlight as a powerlifter, burlesque novice, embroidery enthusiast, occasional baker, movies and board games lover, and avid self care believer. I am a sexual assault survivor and I have anxiety (I am already overthinking this bio anyway). I am excited to co-facilitate Polybilities because I love getting to know folks’ stories and wins/challenges in polyamory as we are still living in a monogamous world that deems anything deviating from it to be a stigma. My wish for Polybilities is that it becomes a space where polyam folks can educate themselves and challenge their concepts of polyamory.


Tova Larson

Hi! I was a late bloomer to my bisexuality, coming out in my late 20s, but have definitely made up for lost time! I’ve been involved with Kind for more than 10 years, first as a participant and now providing peer support through QueerAmore. By day, I’m a workplace safety professional passionate about building psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces. And by night I am an adventuresome kinkster. When I’m not volunteering at Kind, I’m putting broken people back together with Canadian Ski Patrol. I love making new friends and I’m excited to meet you!



My name is Ben. I am a racialize queer man of Chinese decent with a non-monogamous love orientation. I am a public servant by profession, an explorer of life’s journey in life. I came out in the year 2000 and after 20 plus years of exploring and expressing my identity, it is time to pay it forward for all the supports and guidances that was given to me. It would be a honour to be a pit stop at your journey. Looking forward to meeting you.

Growing Resistance

Carling Miller


Hi friends, my name is Carling, some of you may know me as the executive director of Kind Space or perhaps even know me from my baby queer days as a teenager. Like many of our facilitators, I’ve been with Kind Space for a looong time and have recently started up a group from revolutionary gardens called Growing Resistance. Like many, the pandemic brought about a fair amount of self discovery and uncovering of interests. And one of those interests is regenerative gardening! This spring and summer we plan to get our hands in the soil and grow new life into the world. Can’t wait for you to join us!

Thrive: Trauma education & empowerment

Lukayo Estrella

Born in the Philippines, and raised in Tkaronto, Lukayo is from the Bikol diaspora. After over a decade of hanging around Kind Space (they co-founded the first queer people of colour support group there), they’re now the Director of Healing & Accountability (secretly the Wizard of Queerotic Astrology), helping to co-facilitate Kind’s therapeutic programs like Thrive (a closed trauma education and empowerment 12-week group). When not doing Kind Space stuff and anti-oppression in all levels of life, Lukayo is doing spiritwork (like checking in on celestial bodies, ancestors, and local land spirits) and gaming (especially running RPGs to undo internalized colonization like “Balikbayan”).