Every Body Swim

All Bodies are Good Bodies! Forever! This is our ninth trans positive, fat positive, Every Body swim. It’s a free event, hosted by Kind Space, Carleton University Rainbow Caucus – CUPE 4600, & the Ten Oaks Project, for anybody who does not feel comfortable at the pool for any reason.

Kids are welcome. Toys, bubbles, ropes and towers are all available to use.

The paratranspo stop #2. If you incur any disability related costs (for example, attendants, transportation) we can reimburse you.

There is a moderately sized, accessible gender neutral locker room on the second floor and two gendered locker rooms. We provide buddies if you would like someone to accompany you to the locker room of your choice.

The life guards have offered their room as well for extra privacy or another place to safely store your stuff.

There is a paid parking lot at the back of the pool. If you bring your receipt we can reimburse you for the cost of parking.

If there is interest, we can organize a car pool from Kind Space.

Dress in whatever swimwear makes you feel the happiest and most comfortable. Board Shorts, clean t-shirts, Bikini, sparkly rainbow one piece, clean sportswear (that wont weigh you down), binders, whatever you like. This includes topless swimming for everyone who wants to. Yes you can, and you’ll look fabulous doing it. No one but us, and the lovely lifeguards, will have access to the pool area.

Remember to bring towels, a lock, and goggles if you need them. We can provide towels and goggles with advance notice.

We’ll meet you in the lobby. The layout can be confusing if it’s your first time.