90’s Jazz Funk Dance Workshop

Oops! We did it again! On September 18th at 2PM we’re bringing back the energy, funk, and style of the 1990’s! Join us in a Beginner, High Energy dance workshop led by Professional Dancer/Choreographer, Nicholas Lefebvre.

Nicholas has toured the world sharing his passion for dance, you may even recognize him from his work with Celebrity Cruises, Escapade MF, Dancing Queen, Twist & Shout, MAC Cosmetics, and Santa’s Christmas Wonderland! Listen to your favourite throwback jams, get moving, and have some fun! With both in person, and virtual class options we’re sure to have you covered. Looking forward to dancing with you!

This event will take place both in-person (Max. 20 people) and online. Please click the link below to register.

If you have questions or concerns about our COVID-19 Protocols please contact jade@kindspace.ca


Image Description: Blue text that says “Kind Space 90’s JAZZ FUNK DANCE WORKSHOP, With Nicholas Lefebvre” sits upon a pink background. Below this text there are three white rectangle-ish boxes that are white with a light blue border with dark blue text. The first rectangle says “September 18th, 2PM”, the second rectangle stacked below says “Hosted in Person / on Google Meets”, the third rectangle shows the Kind Space logo, The Kind Space Art Drop Social Logo, and the City of Ottawa logo. Beside these boxes is a vertical rectangle portrait of Nicholas wearing a grey shirt upon a lighter gray background. He has blond hair, and his left cheek and chin is resting on his hand. He is of medium-light complexion in this photo.


Sep 18 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm