What does it mean to be a registered member at kind?

Kind members help keep the organization on track and accountable. While the organization believes in being accountable and transparent consistently throughout the year, the annual and special meetings of the members are the formal settings for the membership to get information, ask questions, and get answers.

Annual General Meetings are a legal requirement for non-profits and charities that must be held within 6 months of their fiscal year end. Below is a list of some of the rights and responsibilities given to the membership.

Membership Meetings

Annual General Meeting

Date: June 2020


  • At any meeting of the members, each member shall have the right to move, to second and to vote on any motion, resolution or proposal. (bylaw article 58)
  • Any member may make a written request to access the current list of registered members for the purposes of requesting a Special Meeting. A minimum of 25% of registered members can make a written request to the Executive Committee to call a Special Meeting of Members. (bylaw article 55)
  • Members shall receive written notice of any meeting of the membership of no less than 14 days and no more than 35 days. (bylaw article 51)
  • Members may attend Board meetings as observers. Notice to the Chair, Recording Secretary or Executive Director is preferred to know accurate numbers for printed materials.


  • Members must ensure that they keep their membership in good standing.
  • Members are responsible for reviewing meeting materials when they are made available and to contact the Recording Secretary if there is a need for clarification before the meeting or to have an item added to the agenda.
  • Voting members must pay their fees or completed the required hours 30 days prior to any Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. Memberships expire immediately following the Annual General Meeting, at which time the new membership year commences. (You can make online payments through our PayPal link or by sending an e-transfer to Carling at carling@kindspace.ca.)

Sounds great – sign me up!

You can complete your membership application in person at the centre or online.


Complete the membership signup form.


Submit your membership fee ($2 – $10 sliding scale) – you may pay with cash, cheque or credit card at the centre



Volunteer a minimum of 10 to 60 hours (depending on your volunteer position) at Kind within 1 year.


Contact jo@kindspace.ca.