“Bless Our Lucky Stars!” is a monthly storytelling horoscope series where the Celestial Council of Queerious Aunties– Sun, Moon, and Terry (short for “the Terrestrial Planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars”) give you some gay-lactically unsolicited advice. This month we have a special guest, Auntie J (to commemorate Jupiter entering Gemini)! Feel free to read both your Sun and Rising signs, and (like any words that come down from a council of aunties) only heed what works for you, and smile and nod your way through the rest!

Aries Rising or Aries Sun

During midsummer Auntie Moon will challenge you on what you need to expand and come into your own sense of purpose and leadership. What lights a fire inside you? How can you inspire instead of smother? Auntie Sun, especially in the last half of June, will also confront you about your sense of security and home. How can you revitalize and light up the ways you create safety and connection, as opposed to burning out by trying to do too much for your family? At the beginning of the month, Auntie Terry is still excited for you to explore your sense of identity and personal philosophies, while Auntie J wants you to seize opportunities for stability and communication.

Taurus Rising or Taurus Sun

It’s time to plant the seeds of your own transformation and growth, advises Auntie Moon, especially during midsummer. While both Auntie Sun and Auntie Terry encourage you to cultivate your sense of self, Auntie Sun focuses a bit more on how you can grow your interpersonal skills while Auntie Terry suggests that you boldly review your life goals and social circles. Are the fields ready for what you have to offer, or is this not the right time or place for you to thrive? Auntie J sides with Auntie Sun and believes you will get the best luck out of building a strong foundation for your life based on understanding and expressing your personality and values.

Gemini Rising or Gemini Sun

For most of the month, Auntie Sun and Auntie J encourage you to be your best (or most extreme) self, a tornado of information. This is your time to fill your sails with winds of delight and joy. What do you love learning? What do you enjoy sharing? What stories bring you the greatest sense of security and reflect your deepest principles? Auntie Terry wants you to get excited about what being in community means to you– how you show up for them and how they show up for you when you need them the most. 

Cancer Rising or Cancer Sun

The conflicting advice of Auntie Moon and Auntie Sun at the end of the month will feel like the push and pull of the tides. During midsummer, Auntie Moon is confronting you with what your close relationships need from you while Auntie Sun wants you to focus on yourself and how you connect to the bigger picture. Meanwhile Auntie Terry in the first half of the month challenges you to figure out what success looks like for you, whether it’s school or work or volunteering. Auntie J says your friends right now will be a source of blessings as you navigate these tricky waters.

Leo Rising or Leo Sun

Let the glow of your reputation and the communities you serve become a source of warmth and good luck for you this month, advises Auntie Sun and Auntie J. You’ll need it, as Auntie Terry challenges you at the end of the month to fan the flames of your own transformation and growth. How can you empower those around you instead of terrorizing them? What ways can you turn your rage against change into passion and wisdom? 

Virgo Rising or Virgo Sun

The Aunties say this is a month of mixed blessings. Auntie Moon inspires you to deepen your connection to family, children, or a sense of play during midsummer. However, Auntie Sun and Auntie J warn against building sandcastles when it comes to your future, whether it’s pursuing more education or work. They both are worried that making any big decisions now can be overwhelming or extreme, and that you can get too lost in the details or be going against the grain of your own values just because an opportunity presents itself. Auntie Terry, on the other hand, is excited about the passion that can be built in your close relationships at this time.

Libra Rising or Libra Sun

A chill wind may blow through your life this June, say the Aunties. In the beginning of the month, Auntie Terry confronts you about your close relationships, and whether you’re harbouring resentments and irritations because they’re taking advantage of you, or you’re anticipating too much without directly receiving what they need. Later in the month, especially around midsummer, both Auntie Sun and Auntie Moon will challenge you. For Auntie Sun, she believes you’ll need to grow into your sense of purpose and contribution, instead of trying to breeze past the big questions of life and death. For Auntie Moon, she believes that what upsets you about the ways you communicate, especially with family, holds a deeper truth about how you need to be comforted and supported. Auntie J, at least, advises you to take this time as an opportunity for a deep transformation beyond the horizons of your wildest dreams.

Scorpio Rising or Scorpio Sun

Recharge with your intimate relationships while expanding them this month, advise Auntie Sun and Auntie J, for near the end of the month, Auntie Terry is going to confront you about service and pleasure. Instead of being irritated by creative or playful interactions, consider that you may need to be mentored on what it means to surrender into the storm of your own delight. So often you may hurricane into people’s lives, a downpour of passion and intensity, but maybe this is an opportunity to revel in joy and truly attend to each other’s needs.

Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius Sun

Auntie Sun and Auntie J want to confront you about your close relationships, especially during the beginning of the month, as they’re concerned that the initial spark that begins your connection then becomes larger-than-life, overwhelming everyone involved, including you. The Aunties don’t believe you need to hold back your lightning-fast instincts, but they are asking you to redirect some of that electrical energy into ways you and your loved ones can support each other’s dreams and opportunities. Auntie Terry advises that so much of relating to others begins with understanding the boundaries we have with our family of origin, which mirrors or polarizes how we relate to our chosen family. This is a month where the Aunties encourage you to work on your interpersonal skills.

Capricorn Rising or Capricorn Sun

Midsummer may be a time of contradiction for you, say the Aunties. During the beginning of the month, Auntie Terry challenges you around the ways you’re communicating in general and also specifically with those you consider family, asking you to be courageous in your speech instead of just enraged. Auntie Sun, near the end of the month, confronts you around all the ways you try to connect to others, whether casual or long-term, platonic or romantic. How can you be less rocky in these interactions and more encouraging? Auntie J advises that there will be opportunities to lean into playfulness and being attentive to others, while Auntie Moon encourages you to embrace what it means to be your peak self.

Aquarius Rising or Aquarius Sun

Auntie Sun wants you to focus on the relationships that orbit around you outside the atmosphere of romance– the ways you support elders, children, mentors, and mentees. Auntie J says that you’ll receive blessings in regards to family (whether chosen or original) and creativity. Near the end of the month, Auntie Terry challenges you to be more than just hot air when it comes to stability through information, connection, and communication. Though they all have different focuses, the Aunties are united in wanting you to understand that the launching pad of what it means to have supportive connection is crucial for how high in the sky you want to go.

Pisces Rising or Pisces Sun

It’s time to understand the messages in the waves that indicate what’s going on in your depths, advise the Aunties. Though Auntie Terry wants you to come to terms with how your personality expresses itself to others, it’s Auntie Sun and Auntie J that are challenging you to understand how your language and interactions can create a stream of connection or a flood that drowns any possibility of understanding. Sometimes it’s better to send a message in a bottle than the whole boat.