Based on community consultation, Kind Space is conducting a needs assessment for transgender newcomers only within unceded Algonquin territory (Ottawa and the surrounding region). The hope is that the information in this survey will be used to help create programs and services, preferably in collaboration with existing work already being done in our communities. The survey is also in French, Spanish, and Arabic. Please share widely with as many transgender newcomers as possible in Ottawa and the surrounding region. You can click on the links to access the appropriate survey. The Arabic survey only has the questions; the answers will need to be emailed to

Please do not fill out the survey if you are not a transgender newcomer in the Ottawa region. You can also email Lukayo if you have any further questions or concerns.

Ottawa Transgender Newcomer Needs Assessment:

L‘évaluation des besoins des nouveaux arrivants transgenres d’Ottawa:

La evaluación de las necesidades de los transgéneros recién indocumentados e immigrantes a Ottawa:

تقييم إحتياجات الوافدين الجدد إلى أوتاوا لعابرين الجندر: