For immediate release

Kind expresses its deepest sympathy to the members of our communities affected by the violent and detestable defacement early yesterday morning of the mural honouring the lives of trans women of colour. This mural has stood as a proud tribute since August 23 – the day of the Ottawa Capital Pride Parade – at the corner of Bank and Somerset Streets.

“We condemn the actions of those who intentionally erased the names of murdered trans women of colour,” says Kind Executive Director Carling Miller.  “Additionally, Kind perceives the statement ‘you’ve been warned’ as a direct and chilling threat to people of colour, and in particular trans women of colour.”

Kind commends those local politicians and community leaders who have also publicly condemned and noted the significance of this reprehensible action. “We call on elected representatives at all levels – City Councilor Catherine McKenney, MPP Yasir Naqvi and MP Paul Dewar – to commit to ongoing collaboration with all residents and organizations dedicated to protecting and uplifting trans women of colour. We further call on the Ottawa Police Service to exercise the utmost vigilance around sites that are potential targets for hateful actions of this type.”

The defacement has occurred immediately prior to a debate for Ottawa Centre federal candidates – hosted by Kind in conjunction with several partner organizations serving the LGBTTQ communities – that will take place at 7:30 pm tonight (Sept. 25) at the National Gallery of Canada. Legislation aimed specifically at the protection of trans Canadians died in Parliament with the election call, and will be among the issues for discussion at tonight’s debate, and for the early consideration of newly elected parliamentarians.

Kind is an LGBTTQ community space located in downtown Ottawa which host a variety of peer groups, offers resources and support, as well as drop-in space. Kind can be reached by phone at 613-563-4818 or by email at