A Kind Way Home


Here at Kind, we saw the need for a free, community-based program that addressed the concerns of folks of marginalized identities within the Greater Ottawa Area. Therefore, we developed this program to provide folks with the opportunity to arrive at their destination in general safety. Heightened discomfort at night is contributed to by:

  • Lower visual ability due to lack of light;
  • Race, age, height, disability, orientation, gender or perceived gender;
  • History of victimization; and/or
  • A poor relationship with police and/or community services

It’s important to educate, challenge, and transforms the structures and norms that make it difficult or impossible for people to feel safe getting to their destination, especially at night. It’s also important for people to have the option of not having to go alone.

A longtime and long-term goal of Kind is to create and help sustain communities of care and all the different ways those can look.

The launch of this program is made possible by the Alterna Savings community grant program

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Travel Pals will be available onsite at community events by request of the organizers. If you are organizing an event and are interested in having a team of pals at your event please fill out this form or contact carling@kindspace.ca.


Information about requesting Travel Pals will be posted once volunteers are in place. This will be a text/email based service.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Volunteers in this program will be in positions of trust and with potentially “vulnerable persons” Police Records Checks are required. This is an insurance requirement.
  • Identify on the LGBTTQIA+ spectrum (this is a by and for community program)
  • Volunteer a minimum of 4 shifts a month (you will be able to schedule yourself)

To volunteer, please fill out the application here.