We call our volunteers Kind Keepers because Keepers care for our centre space, and hold that space for those seeking understanding, guidance, and connection!

Kind Keepers are motivated by a desire to take a stand against oppression. They enable connection, encourage learning/unlearning, and work to make Kind’s physical centre and digital presence available and as accessible as possible.

All registered Keepers that volunteer a minimum (within a range depending on area of volunteerism) of 10 – 60 hours within a calendar year automatically become a voting member of the organization.


These are primary areas of volunteering which encompass various degrees of intersection.

  • On-site Keepers – on-site keepers help develop and facilitate connection and collaboration at the centre as well as provide administrative support to the staff.
  • Off-site Keepers – off-site keepers help spread the Kind word out into the broader Ottawa community and the world!
  • Digital Keepers – digital keepers assist in the visual and written storytelling of Kind. Whether they are stories about our services, programs, and events.
  • Adhoc Keepers – adhoc keepers are there in a pinch! Although not always able to volunteer on a consistent basis but when there is a specific task that needs doing, they’re there.