Thane, Director

Thane Robyn is a trans guy of colour, who is originally from South Africa. He has lived and learnt in many different places, from Africa to Central Asia and now Canada, and because of this Thane values community. The kind of community that can only be created by sharing a meal with folks, or working together towards a common goal. Thane believes that it is community like this that gives us the ability to bring about change.

He is passionate about media creation and is rarely seen without a camera. He has been documenting and discussing trans issues on his youtube channel, working on his own media startup and collaborating with other artists on projects. In the past couple years Thane has been working on a documentary that shares the stories of youth across this country who are invested in social and environmental change. Through this he has worked to run media and film making workshop series with marginalized youth in Ontario.

He is focused on actively challenging systemic oppression by creating radical and accessible opportunities that support individuals in telling their own story.