RJ, Vice-President

RJ is Saulteaux–Cree, originally from Regina, Saskatchewan. They identify as Two Spirit and Non-Binary. RJ has been volunteering in Ottawa’s urban Indigenous community for more than nine years, and has focused on youth issues for the past five. RJ currently serves on the OFIFC – Ontario Aboriginal Youth Council and advocates on Two Spirit issues. RJ has expressed having felt a large cultural disconnect for being a Two Spirit and Non-Binary individual in their community but found a genuine sense of acceptance since coming to Kind. RJ’s goal is to become an educator and counsellor while providing safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ Youth and Two Spirit Indigenous Youth.

RJ’s priorities on the Board of Directors at Kind is to increase knowledge and access to resources on the Two Spirit community and to help strengthen relationships with other Indigenous agencies. While assisting in events and grant writing. RJ enjoys foxes, sharing information, researching sustainability issues, agriculture, decolonial politics, and all things education.

RJ currently hosts a Two Spirit Sharing Circle which takes place at Kind, biweekly on Tuesdays.