HSSA Recommendation: Online Bullying Report Form

Recommendation for: School Administrators, School Boards

A Great Idea: Consider having an online whistle blower form on a school website for students, parents and staff to report instances of bullying.

Examples of Success:


Why Is It Important?

Having this kind of system to allow students, parents and staff to report bullying incidents has many benefits. For many people, having a more anonymous method of reporting incidents is much less intimidating than speaking to an administrator face to face, meaning that people will be more likely to report incidents that they are involved in or made aware of. This also gives people a method to raise their concerns and to know that they will be heard and addressed. Finally, this system allows schools to keep better track of trends in bullying incidents making it easier for them to address the issue and measure changes.

Ideas For Implementation:

An easy way to implement this system is to link to a google form from the school’s website. This makes it easy for people to use as well as for administrators to review the results.It is important to ensure that the form is well-advertised to students, parents and staff and that they know how to access it and when to use it in order to increase the percentage of incidents that will be reported. Once the form has been created and launched, it is very important to ensure that submissions are addressed in a timely and effective manner. In addition to most effectively addressing the bullying incidents that are reported, this is will ensure that the trust of those using the form is kept and that they will continue to use it to report their concerns.

Below is a sample list of questions that could be included in the form:

  • Date of incident
  • What was your relation to the incident? (Personally Involved, Witness, Heard About It From Someone Else, Other__________)
  • What type of bullying occurred? (Verbal, Physical, Cyber, Other__________)
  • Describe the incident
  • Where did the incident occur? (In class, In the hall, On the bus, In the Yard, Away from school, Other__________)
  • Who are you? (Student, Parent, Staff, Other__________)
  • Do you want to be contacted in order to follow up?
    • If yes, preferred method of contact and contact info

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