∞ Polybilities

This is an open forum for exploring relationship dynamics beyond the standard societal norms (i.e., monogamy). Whether experienced, exploring, questioning or supporting, this group welcomes anyone willing to look at relationships “outside the box.” We discuss various options regarding sexual, emotional, romantic, and legal connections.

WHEN: the fourth Monday of every month from 7–9 pm

WHERE: Kind – 222 Somerset St. W, suite 404

Upcoming Topics/Activities

February: 5 Love Languages – Based on the work of Gary Chapman, we will discuss how people give and receive love in different ways: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. (Please note that this is not a workshop, and we suggest doing some Goggling in advance to bring your own ideas and perspectives to the discussion.)

March: Gettin’ Sexy with PPO – a representative from Planned Parenthood Ottawa will be presenting on safer sex practices. This will be a sex-positive, non-judgmental space where talk of multiple partners and differing sexual needs can be discussed openly and safely.

April: What Defines Polyamory?  Many people say it’s not all about the sex, but many others argue that that’s the defining line between loving, platonic relationships and poly.  So where are the lines?  A look at the emotional, romantic, sexual, spiritual, and practical boundaries of poly relationships.

May: Poly & Mental Health – What does the intersectionality between these two groups look like? How can poly relationships support or drain those with mental health issues? What poly-friendly mental health resources have you found, online or in town? Share your stories, or come listen and learn.

June: Social Brainstorm – How do you meet other poly people? Where are good places to socialize that are safe and inclusive? What activities are going on around town that are fun ways to interact with other poly people? We’ll take a look at what’s out there, and maybe plan something of our own!

July: Relationships Boundaries – How do you negotiate a healthy relationship? Are you a rules person, or do you believe in love without limits? Is one person’s structure another person’s prison? We will look at the variety of ways people create boundaries (or not) in their poly relationships.

August: Poly 101 & Coming Out – What does poly look like for you?  Share stories and strategies for what it’s like to come out to family, friends, coworkers, and other niches of life.  This introductory discussion is perfect for those exploring activities during Capital Pride!