∞ Polybilities

This is an open forum for exploring relationship dynamics beyond the standard societal norms (i.e., monogamy). Whether experienced, exploring, questioning or supporting, this group welcomes anyone willing to look at relationships “outside the box.” We discuss various options regarding sexual, emotional, romantic, and legal connections.

WHEN: the fourth Monday of every month from 7–9 pm

WHERE: Kind – 222 Somerset St. W, suite 404

Upcoming Topics/Activities

September: Exploring Love & Intimacy with HAI Ottawa: The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) workshops offer people the opportunity to make profound change – away from isolation and separation, toward connection and community. This mini-session is a great way to connect with others, and with ourselves. The workshop is experiential, and you will be invited to participate in several exercises and group sharing processes, which will allow us to look at topics such as safety, choice, partnership, and connection.

October: Gettin’ Sexy with PPO (rescheduled from March) – a representative from Planned Parenthood Ottawa will be presenting on safer sex practices. This will be a sex-positive, non-judgmental space where talk of multiple partners and differing sexual needs can be discussed openly and safely.

November: Special Occasions – How do you handle the holidays? What about special events, like weddings, reunions, or birthdays? Your whole polycule might not be welcome or willing to go – how do you choose? We’ll navigate different situations by sharing experiences and learning from each other.

December: no discussion

January: Poly Parenting – Dealing with issues pertaining to children in the relationships.  We can cover everything from co-parenting, to coming out, to merging households, to navigating schools and community groups.

February: Dating…and the aftermath. How do we deal after a break up? Where do we go for support? What happens when our friend and support networks overlap? Let’s chat about how ways we cope on our own and how we can best support each other.