Manajiwin – Body-Positive Fitness

This is a partnership program between Kind and Odawa Native Friendship Centre


Manajiwin means respect in Ojibway.

Update: You can now get text alerts for the gym and if there are any changes to the schedule or other program related updates

Kind and Odawa want to offer LGBTTQ communities a workout/fitness space where the emphasis is you doing the exercise/weight training you want to do in a pressure-free environment. Manajiwin is about personal fitness the way you want it. Odawa is offering us the space Saturdays from 5pm – 8pm at 250 City Centre, Bay 102. Volunteers will be on-site throughout the day to introduce you to the space and help navigate any equipment that might be new to you.

This program is dedicated to celebrating the body you have, building self-confidence, and surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging vibes. This is not a space for others to tell you what kind of workout you should be doing, how many times a week and for how many hours a day you should be doing it. This space is about you wanting to do something that makes you feel good and being around others looking for the same.


About the program

  • This program takes place on unceded, unsurrendered Algonquin Territory.
  • Manajiwin is a drop-in program which means that you don’t need to register or be a member of Kind or Odawa in order to use the equipment
  • This is a pay-what-you-can/free program, money collected by attendees goes directly to Odawa for the use of their facilities
  • Kind volunteers will be on-site each week for the duration of the program should you have questions or need some assistance
  • There are showers on-site



Expectations and acknowledgements of the space

  • This is a body-positive program and environment. Body shaming in any form will not be tolerated. Unsolicited and unwanted sexual or fetishistic comments about other people’s bodies will not be tolerated.
  • This is a as-scent-free-as-possible space. Sweaty bodies will produce a little or a lot of body odor so it is understandable that we’ll have products on us to minimize our personal orders but please refrain from using aerosol/spray deodorants, perfumes, or cologne inside the space.
  • This is a shared space, please help us respect the space by returning each piece of equipment back to its original state as well as the washrooms, change rooms, and shower facilities.

Current limitations and priorities to provide as soon as possible

  • Currently program volunteers are not trained/certified as attendants to physically support disabled folks with their workout routines. Our goal is to acquire funding to train volunteers and to cover the cost in part or in full for folks that hire their own attendants.
  • We are unable at this time to provide bus tickets to or from the space.
  • We are unable to provide a child-minding space.