Kind in Pride – Community Survey

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hello Kind community and beyond,

At our Annual General Meeting, the Kind Board of Directors began a dialogue with our membership on Ottawa’s upcoming Pride celebrations and Kind’s role in Pride. Just as Kind has evolved over the years, our relationship with Ottawa Capital Pride has also evolved, which is why we want to invite you to take part in this conversation: to help us decide how we will participate in Pride this year.

This survey is our way of gauging your opinions and feelings on Pride events in Ottawa. The Kind Board has invested a lot of thought and reflection into ensuring that everyone in the Kind community can make their voice heard. You’ll have a chance to talk about your concerns regarding safety at Pride and how you see Kind participating in Pride’s events this year.

The Board of Directors will use this information to decide what (if any) Ottawa Capital Pride events Kind will participate in, and how best Kind can support community members during Pride. After we collect this info, we will hold a public consultation (at a to-be-determined location) before July 30th (date to be confirmed) where we will review the feedback from the survey, offer several options based on our findings, and come to a consensus on our Pride plan.

**This is NOT a survey on behalf of or affiliated with Ottawa Capital Pride.**