Manajiwin: Lgbttq+ Fitness Space

Odawa Gym
250 City Centre, Bay 102 (end of lot)

This is a partnership program between Kind and Odawa Native Friendship Centre

Manajiwin means respect in Ojibway.

Kind and Odawa want to offer LGBTTQ communities a workout/fitness space where the emphasis is you doing the exercise/weight training you want to do in a pressure-free environment. Manajiwin is about personal fitness the way you want it. Odawa is offering us the space Saturdays from 5pm – 8pm at 250 City Centre, Bay 102. Volunteers will be on-site throughout the day to introduce you to the space and help navigate any equipment that might be new to you.

This program is dedicated to celebrating the body you have, building self-confidence, and surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging vibes. This is not a space for others to tell you what kind of workout you should be doing, how many times a week and for how many hours a day you should be doing it. This space is about you wanting to do something that makes you feel good and being around others looking for the same.

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