Eleanor, Recording Secretary

Eleanor came to Ottawa in 2014 after completing her Master of Arts in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A desire to create roots and find community inspired her to reach out to Kind (then PTS) while studying Professional Writing at Algonquin College. Eleanor was immediately humbled to be sharing space with people she regarded as superheroes and rockstars; three years later, those folks are still superheroes and rockstars, and Eleanor is thrilled to serve on the Board of Directors alongside them.

Eleanor has managed social media and created content for numerous professional organizations, including educational publishers, music festivals, real estate brokerages, and digital sandboxes. Her passion for communication and storytelling led her ultimately to activism, where she aims to use her skills and knowledge to amplify the voices of those who face the enforced silence of oppression. Kind has inspired her to continue educating herself on Indigenous rights movements, anti-racism initiatives, community building, and restorative justice. In her time as a volunteer she has led zine-making workshops at QTY and represented Kind at the Ottawa Zine Fair, which she hopes to make an annual project.

If you happen to catch Eleanor in the office during the evenings, approach her slowly and ease into a conversation about unicorns, 80’s movies, or South American Literature; she will be putty in your hands.