Conflict Mediation Training

Thank you for considering mediation training!

Our goal in holding this training for queer and trans people is to build skills and capacity within our communities that will ultimately help us all communicate better with one another and avoid conflicts. Conflicts which as you know, can really impact the people involved and the communities surrounding them. Long-term, we would like to try and create a mediation team or service specifically catered to queer and trans communities. We are happy to be partnering with Community Mediation Ottawa (CMO) for this and gain skills and experience in mediation and conflict while we work towards this long term goal. We are encouraging attendees of this training to be actively involved with CMO, particularly by attending their mediation practice nights.

Facilitated by Community Mediation Ottawa (
Location: Kind, 222 Somerset St. W, suite 404
Date(s): March 11/12 & 25/26
Time(s): 10am – 6pm (Saturdays), 12pm – 4pm (Sundays)
Cost: We are offering this on a pay-what-you-can basis. The regular cost of this training is $200.
Deadline: Thursday, January 5th at 11pm (we would like to have all registration info in by this time to help us develop the most relevant curriculum for the community)
**Please see the details about priority groups for whom we are reserving spots for

**This training is currently only offered in English**

About Community Mediation Ottawa

Community Mediation Ottawa (CMO) offers free mediation services to Ottawa residents. Our volunteer mediators offer confidential, impartial, conflict resolution services to two or more people who are having a disagreement. CMO can help participants resolve their immediate dispute as well as give them tools to manage future conflicts. Mediators assist participants in developing their own solutions to problems, thus creating longer-lasting agreements.

CMO does not handle family issues such as divorce, separation, custody or estates. CMO also does not handle commercial disputes where significant sums of money are involved.


Please note

Please fill out the application form below. The deadline for this application is 11pm on Thursday, January 5th. All those that apply will be contacted after the deadline about the status of their application.

This training is able to be offered on a pay-what-you-can basis because of the generous donation by MLT DWN!

Questions? Contact or call 613.563.4818