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You have the option to make donations directly to the program of your choice. Has Kind’s Celebrating Self Counselling service made a difference in your life? You’ll be able to make a donation directly to that program. Did you take part or someone you care about participate in one of the many peer discussion and support groups? Maybe you’d like to help support them in affirming their identities and experiences and growing their capacity for resilience. From now on, you’ll have control over where your donation goes and you’ll be able to choose the way you make Kind a better space for everyone.


Donations to our general fund are incredibly important to keep all the core needs of the organization going. General funds are incredibly important, it is what gives us the flexibility to do what we do.

But did you know that you can also fund specific programs? Directing your donation is incredibly powerful! Supporting a program, especially on a monthly basis, helps ensure that that program exists and functions at its best. You can donate directly to:

          Skills for the Revolution (education program)

  • Donating directly to this program allows us to run workshops/events/activities for free or on a pay-what-you-can basis, employ people, buy materials and produce toolkits, feed folks, buy bus tickets, provide money for childcare on-site or off-site, and other related expenses


Celebrating Self (professional counselling program and peer support)

  • Donating directly to this program allows us to provide consistent supervision for the counsellors, invest in the professional development of the counsellors in the program, buy tissues, sound proof counselling rooms, buy bus tickets, comforting bits, etc.


      Discussion groups

  • Donating directly to this program allows the groups to do the activities they want, bring in guest speakers, provides food, etc.

        Dr. Kelly McGinnis Library

  • What is a library without books? We want to make sure we’re keeping our collection up to date and relevant. Help us buy books!

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