Carling, Executive Director

Carling is a young, queer woman of colour who spent a good chunk of time in her childhood and youth feeling out of place. Originally from Brockville, ON, Carling moved to Ottawa with her mother and grandmother when she was 12 years old and attended her first Pink Triangle Youth (now QTY) meeting at 16.

She’s been around ever since.

A graduate of Recreation & Leisure and Event Management at Algonquin College, Carling has dedicated her time and skills to implementing offbeat ways for folks to interact and build community together. Generally a thing called “spare time” is not something Carling has, but when she does she prefers to spend time with the folks and cats that bring her immense joy. She is actively learning how to become a better accomplice in the struggle for justice and autonomy, and in resisting the politics of respectability.