We are inclusive.

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Trans.  Non-binary. Two Spirit. Queer. Questioning. Intersex. Asexual. QTBIPoC. Youth. Adults. Seniors. Elders. No matter what kind of person a client or member happens to be, they are our kind. We believe everyone on the human sexuality and gender spectrum should be celebrated and supported.

We are welcoming.

Our space is open to all. We provide a diverse, protective and nonjudgmental environment for talking, learning, laughing, napping, petting cats, sharing food, hanging out, finding community and simply being.

We help people discover themselves and be themselves.

Our programs and workshops help clients and members understand who they are as individuals—and as members of society. No matter what kind of person they are, they are our kind, Ottawa’s kind, human kind.

We help people help others.

Our counseling, education programs and other services empower people to speak up for themselves, and for anyone who needs a friend. We assist people in finding the resources they need: counselors, mentors, doctors, lawyers, even homes. We root our services in the idea of strength through diversity. Whatever the intersections of oppression – the many factors causing people’s marginalization – we strive to remedy the causes and serve the people affected.

We work to deconstruct oppressive structures.

We refuse to see anyone pushed aside. We speak up, loudly and proudly. That means educating students, teachers and parents, talking to the media, and advising government how to ensure the rights of all people.

We are sex-positive, and support all people in making informed, consent-based choices .

We support all people who strive to find healthy, pleasurable outlets for their sexuality. We actively promote safer sexuality and being informed to make choices, and we encourage any person uncertain about any facet of sex and sexuality to ask questions and seek answers.




welcome@kindspace.ca | 613-563-4818 | 222 Somerset Street W., suite 404