Mission Statement

Kind Space is committed to providing Ottawa – located on unceded Algonquin territory, accessible resources, events, social, and educational programming to celebrate and support people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. 

Kind Values

As part of our commitment to our communities, partners, and ourselves we have been reflecting, discussing, and examining what our values are, and how we live them in our work. 

Communities of Care

Kind believes that taking care of each other is a skill that can be learned and re-learned with practice, attention, and support.

Sustainable Growth

Kind knows we all have the capacity to learn and evolve at a pace which is thoughtful, intentional, and realistic.


Kind believes in our communities – their knowledge, innovation, and understanding of their needs and how they can and should be met. Our job is to listen, support, and act.


Kind is committed to openness and honesty in our governance model, programming, organizational goals, policies, and procedures.

Core Commitments

Within each of our values lives 4 core commitments to accessibility, accountability, community participation, and self-determination. We don’t just want to have a list of nice sounding words that sit on a page. These are active, tangible agreements we make about current and future programming and partnerships. 

That was phase one. Phase two is about you. How can we make sure we’re honouring our values and commitments when we’re connecting and collaborating with you? Are these values being practiced in all our programs, events, and interactions? 

Take our 2018 Service Satisfaction Survey and let us know how we’re doing and how we can do better!




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